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I Am Not Very Nice

I’ve been looking at my tone, and I wondered if I can write in a less angry, sarcastic, and confrontational manner and still be authentic.  I don’t think I can.  I’m not sure that I want to.  Although I might be more helpful to some people if I’m nicer, I don’t think those types of […]

Another Someday

You know those “somedays” that most of us have? “Someday … I’m going to quit smoking.” “Someday … I’ll get in shape.” “Someday I’ll start a blog.” “Someday I’ll read that book.” “Someday I’ll go to that meeting.” “Someday …  I’ll die full of sadness and regret because I didn’t do most of the things […]

Just tell the truth, stupid.

I respect honest people.  I respect people who say “no.”  I respect people who do things because they freely choose to do things.  I don’t respect people who do things out of obligation.  Especially if they complain about it later. I’ve been to many parties and gatherings where people bitch and bitch about being there.  […]

Thank you for being so open-minded!

People confuse and fascinate me.  There is a particular group of people I once knew who really boggled my bean.  They were mostly male, in their late 20’s and early 30’s.  They were really impressed with how “open minded” they were.  They were (mostly) heterosexual guys, and they were loud in their support of gay […]

This is not That – Start where you are and do Something.

I’ve seen several blogs where people talk about some great thing they’ve done, and how they will teach you to do it, step by step.  They will teach you exactly how they lost 50 pounds or made a bunch of money or landed a great spouse or something.  As if what works for one person […]