Favorite Links

This is where you will find links to my resources and other things that are interesting to me.

Also, I made an aStore with some of the things I like that can be purchased through Amazon.com via my affiliate link, in case people start coming here and want to $upport me a bit.

Tim Brownson is one of the first people I’ve followed for any length of time on the Internet.  He is smart, insightful, and hilarious.  The fact that he owns dobermans and cusses as much as I do makes him one of my most favorite people.

Tony Robbins is a giant.  He is massively well-known and often a topic of heated controversy.  I’ve never been to any of his live events (they seem WAY too crowded, loud, and touchy-feely for me!), but his audio programs have changed my life in immeasurable ways.  No one has been able to get in my head and kick me into action the way he can.  Here is a link to one of my most favorite videos Ever.

One of my more recent “finds” is Scott Dinsmore and his Revolution.  This is the guy who finally prompted me to start my blog.  Several people have tried to talk me into starting a blog over the years and I resisted.  This guy did it in 3 months.

Likely the most controversial link I’ll post, here is the official web site of Abraham-Hicks.

Some other very good influences I’ve found more recently:

The man who makes me feel like Zendaya, because I can listen to him all day, Simon Sinek, who will teach you where to start.

Jonathan Fields, a brilliant author, speaker, businessman, and about 50 other things.

Chris Guillebeau, author, traveler, instigator, and much more.

The amazing and hilarious fellow Jersey native,  Marie Forleo, who ends almost every video with the quote, “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. Because the world needs that special gift that only YOU have!”

And finally, my beautiful and incredibly inspiring, imaginary best friend, Jonathan Mead.