This is a place you can go when you want to be yourself.

Maybe you need someone to remind you that you are the center of your universe, and that’s okay!  Or maybe you’d like someone to show you that something you never thought ANYONE else EVER did, said, or thought, might actually be more common than you realize.

I am not afraid to be myself.  There are things I do without a second thought that some people think are impossible.  There are things other people do that fascinate and terrify me.  And there are things I am simply not interested in.

Yes, I am just like everyone else.  And so are you.

I’m here to encourage you to be you – whatever that means – without justification or fanfare.

I want you to stop lying – to other people, to yourself – for the sake of what you think they want, because you think you might hurt their feelings, or because you’re trying to seem normal.

Make your own normal.

This is what happens when I'm carrying my kat around, talking on the phone, and decide to take a goofy selfie.

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