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Maybe you’re nothing right now, but that can change in an instant.

I was being all emo the other day, pouting about and missing old friends.  Although they were once a very big part of my life, they are basically nothing now.  Nothing but memories – figments of my imagination.  Pretty much nonexistent.  Nothing. Then it hit me.  That’s what all of my closest friends used to […]

Your guilt won’t work on me

Yesterday I started working with another charity.  As unfortunately typical and predictable as it is, I met the apparent Martyr of the group.  You know the one.  The one who claims to not want special recognition, yet complains about how the others in the group don’t do NEARLY as much as the Saint Volunteer of […]

Reframing – The most powerful skill in my arsenal.

Over the years I have learned, tried, and practiced many techniques for managing my state of mind.  One of the most powerful skills I’ve learned is reframing. Many people teach about reframing, so I’m not quite certain where I first learned about it.  Most likely it was Tony Robbins, but the credit goes out to […]

Bullying – No One is Coming to Save You

Ryan Higa, one of my favorite YouTube personalities, posted a video today called “Unpopular Opinion:  Cyber Bullying.” My favorite part is that his opinion is basically the same as mine.  For years I’ve thought that the focus has been on the wrong side of the bullying equation.  When a cat is being picked on by […]